11 April 2011


Ever since I got an iPhone I've been hooked onto this app called Instagram, where people take pictures and share them. You could like or comment on the pictures, and follow a person if you happen to like all of the pictures in there!
I signed up for an account in the name of Baisimu, but most of the pictures are snap shots of my daily personal activities, or beautiful things I see along the way, wherever I'm heading.
Here are a few of my personal favourites:

A close-up picture of my antique Singer sewing machine! I use it to make all the sewn crafts in baisimu, which are all very sturdy and lasting :)

It keeps raining these days over here in Singapore.
This particular picture was taken in Punggol, during a LRT ride. I always try to stand at the ends of the train, just to look out of the window.

Mr Bean is the bane of my life! This little 3D puzzle costs $4.20, and is pretty useless. But it's too cute I just have to bring it home! I picked the ice cream one because the Ice cream Mr Bean looks greedy.

I particularly like this one, that is taken without any filter. I was having black tea with ripe fruits with wx just this morning :)

And after lunch, we decided to have coffee and the nearest starbuckets. I was wearing just t-shirt and shorts, and figured a simple tote bag like this would be best to bring along.

Are you addicted to instagram as well? Let me know! Leave behind your username if you don't mind. Search for the username "Baisimu" to see mine!

If you don't use the app but would like to see my pictures online, here they are.

Enjoy :)


  1. Hi Baisimu! :) Pretty pictures!! especially love the rainy one. and I like to stare out of trains' windows too!

  2. Hi Jocelyn, nice to see you here! The one you picked out happens to be my personal favourite too! Heh :)

  3. Love your pictures! I'm haleyarden there but haven't put up any photos yet.