21 March 2011

A custom request

By my cousin who's getting it as a birthday present for a friend. I'm putting the pictures here since it won't go up on etsy, I can experiment with the photography!

Do you prefer this picture or the usual ones in my etsy shop? Let me know!


  1. That is a lovely picture! It's hard to decide - the ones in your shop are a lot 'cleaner' so it's easy to see right away what the product is, but I like the artistic look of this photo - it sets a mood which can make people more interested in the picture. It could be fun to experiment!

  2. Victoria, I know! It's really hard to choose. I would love to post pictures like that on my etsy shop, but I'm also worried that it will somehow ruin the cohesiveness I've tried so hard to maintain in there. Haha. Maybe I'll start by posting it as the last picture... Thank you so much for your comment! :)