1) How long can the stamps last?

Stone seals can last for a very, very long time so long as you don't drop them, causing them to chip or break into half. Rubber stamps too, can last a good few years with proper care, and that means to properly clean them after use, and to store them in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.

2) How do I clean my seals or stamps after use?

To clean the stone seal, simply wipe off the red ink paste using a piece of dry cloth or tissue. Do not wash or let the base of the seal come into contact with water!

For rubber stamps, gently pat them on paper or tissue to remove any of the remaining ink. It is perfectly fine to see ink on the rubber, so long as it does not leave any ink residue on the paper you are using. Alternatively, you can look for stamp cleaners to purchase online.

3) What ink pads do you use?

For stone seals, I use the traditional red ink paste and you can get it here.

Rubber stamps wise, I am a huge fan of the brand VersaCraft, because it leaves a beautiful and clear impression on paper, wood and fabric. You can find it in most scrapbook stores in Singapore, or purchase it from my online store here.

4) Where can I find suitable ink pads in Singapore?

Normally the scrapbook stores will carry very decent ink pads, but if you're not particular about the stamping quality, you can also try Art Friend, Popular and Daiso .

Feel free to check out my ink pads review below!

5) I can't seem to achieve a clear impression on paper, is there a proper way of stamping?

You need to ensure that the stamp is properly inked. Turn the stamp over and dab the ink pad onto the rubber. Press the stamp firmly onto paper or cloth to make an impression.

Sometimes it doesn't come out nicely because there is a small gap between the paper and stamp. To overcome this problem all you'll need to do is to place something soft underneath, like a stack of papers or a piece of tissue, and voilà!

6) Can I use your seals for my pottery work?

Definitely! Stone seals engraved in the Yin style work best for pottery, since the characters will pop out clearly.

7) Do you conduct classes?

Yes! Most of my workshops are conducted in June and December. Updates will be posted on this page, instagram and facebook, so stay tuned!

If you wish to collaborate for a private workshop, please email me at baisimu@gmail.com.