21 April 2011

I'll be a full time crafter!

In a day's time.

Tomorrow is the submission of probably the final essay in my entire life, and as much as I am going to miss my uni life, I cannot wait for the period of idleness to begin!

Of course I'm not going to be completely idle. During this period of time I am going to catch up on all the things I've put on hold due to my final semester in school. There are loads of Chinese books piling up, (mostly books of 倪匡, a brilliant science fiction writer from Hongkong), piles of notes waiting to go into the recycling bin, and a messy bookshelf waiting to be sorted out! There are also painful resolutions, such as making it a point to work out twice a week. But most importantly, I'm going to make good use of this time to hand-make as much as I can. I miss sewing so so much.

I've bought quite a lot supplies online so I could expand my in-stocks, and I plan to have at least 120 items in my store by the end of May! I also intend to learn needle felting and bought this felting kit from Fairfolk on etsy.

I'll probably end up busier than when I was in school.

The thought of the freedom ahead makes me burst with excitement and bliss!

But meanwhile, I have about 2500 more words to go for this final essay. I'm going to miss school terribly, because it has been such a happy and memorable 4 years of my life. The friends I've made, the lectures I've attended, the professors who have been so extremely kind and nice to each and every one of us! And the things I've been learning have been so rewarding and inspiring, it's hard to leave it all behind, even if I know I'll eventually still do something that is Chinese related.

I am quite glad though, that the final paper of my uni life is on Chinese philosophy, something I've always loved. So I'll be going back to my essay for now. And the next time we meet, I'll be a full time crafter, no longer a student.

Till then!


  1. hello fellow full-time crafter! :) Let's cheer each other on eh? To many sales and much joy when crafting! :)

  2. Yes Jiayou together! I've been a full time crafter for days and I really love it :) I feel so happy when I'm working for baisimu!