26 April 2011


I fall in love with something instantly and just have to have it.

Like this measuring tape ribbon I got just a few days back in a small cafe. I couldn't wait to start making things with it, and the end product is what you see here - a mini bucket! And I liked the end result so much I thought, hey I could make a series of mini buckets with ribbons of different designs! So I searched on etsy and found these beautiful ones...

I can't wait to get my hands on them! And I'm so excited about this new project I just have to share it here. Even before I start to make the rest of the mini buckets!

Just one little problem though. Because they're so small (small enough to fit into a palm), I'm not quite sure what they can be used for apart from storing small stationaries and accessories. What other knick-knacks can go in there? If you have one of these what would you use it for? Please share because I would be interested to know! :) Also, is twelve dollars reasonable for this? I would really appreciate your honestly!

Here's another listing I've uploaded. In my previous post I wrote about being a full-time crafter in time to come. And the time is here! I'll try to list new items more regularly, and brainstorm new designs I can add to the shop! Meanwhile, I retook some photos for the older items, and hopefully they'll find someone lovely who appreciate them soon!

Check out this mini seal I made for fun. It is so small, I decided to just carve something simple and classic. I love the picture though it looks so dslr-ish and professionally taken! Hahaha ok getting too proud of myself. But really, I was using Canon ixy, my trusted digital camera of 3 years that I bought from Japan.

So far my days of being a full time crafter have been wonderful! I wake up in the morning, have breakfast and coffee and laze around watching tv, and get started on making things only after lunch. It's awesome.

So yes, please do drop by my online shop at www.baisimu.etsy.com more often! My target is to have 120 in my shop by mid May. See you!

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  1. Hihi baisimu,

    I'm Gin from Inagaki's Shop on etsy. I'm based in Singapore, i have small collectin of tapes in my shop that may interest you. Most of them are vintage/zakka design. Do check it out! i'm sure you will like them.