31 October 2013

Just a quick update...

I've started selling on Carousell! Just to clarify, the things in there are not going to be the same as my Etsy shop. I carve, sew, crochet, felt, and love beading, and my etsy shop is going to look very messy if I sell everything I make in the same website. So I've decided to split my goods into 2 - the classic and asian into my Etsy shop, the random and colourful into the Carousell shop.

In case you're wondering what's Carousell, here's a link for you to see how it looks like. But it's really a phone app that allows you to snap away and list the items, which makes it really easy for sellers to put their stuffs out there. Carousell is more of a huge marketplace where you can sell everything and anything you like, so if you're looking for handmade items you'll need to look under the "design and craft" section. Purchasing is not as easy and direct as Etsy though, and requires a lot of communication between buyer and seller. This is the slightly more inconvenient part.

And a quick update on the new crafts I've been making! I'm so thankful for the free afternoons these days.

For quicker (and shorter) versions of my craft updates, please search for the username baisimu and follow me on instagram!

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