05 February 2012

Tote bags

These bags were done faster than I thought! All thanks to the bulk of work I had to do that drove me into handmaking for some stress relief. Carving the alphabet rubber stamps took me about 5 days, and once I got my hands on the plain canvas totes I was ready to go!

 Airing them after stamping the alphabets and Baisimu's logo.

And the end products...!

For the bf who's all the way across the globe right now.

 For a friend with green fingers, 
and a friend who's born to cook and bake.

I'm so happy to see that they all like what they got! Maybe when I have more time I'll list a few for customisation on etsy. But that wouldn't happen till June!

Take care everyone, and Happy Chinese New Year! Mine was awesome :)

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