12 December 2010

Random mumblings

I recently just completed a custom order for a lovely buyer on etsy, who had a very good idea of what she wanted. The seal is carved in 篆书(Zhuan'shu) style, a kind of writing that was used during the Han and Qin dynasty about 2000 years ago.

Chinese characters never fail to fascinate me. And I'm so grateful that writings from so long ago can still be seen now.


Christmas's coming! And apart from the other gifts for exchanging, this year I bought cute funny little badges from Beanforest for my sisters and little cousins!

They arrived very quickly, especially during this busy period! I can't wait to give them away!

The footnotes badge is for myself. Actually, citation is one of the things i hate most about essay writing! But it's something I have to overcome, thus the badge to constantly remind me that I like them! I'll try to, at least.

To end on a completely random note, I was looking through the local shops on etsy and thought that was a nice representation of Baisimu, so I took a screen shot out of it!

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