12 December 2010

Etsy How to: Packaging Bookmarks!

Occasionally outside a cafe you'll find a rack full of postcards, with a few that happen to be really cute! I used to have the habit of collecting those, and as they pile up I've been thinking of ways to use them differently, so they can function as something else when not used as a random postcard while writing to a friend!

And as a handmade crafts seller, I always have to come up with practical and effective ways to package the items. So quite some time ago I came up with a method to package the bookmarks! And today while I was at it I thought I would take a few pictures and share the process here.


First you got to pick out the beautiful postcards! I usually try to choose those that match the colors of the particular bookmark.

And then I draw a line in the middle!

And cut it into half.

Punch two holes on top of the postcard,

And make a cut from the hole to the top of the postcard.

And the last step: Coil the bookmark around it, push it into a plastic bag and seal it!

I am very happy with the finished look! Plus the postcards will no longer be idling in my drawer :)

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