01 July 2010

love the etsy community :)

I just got back from the post office, and got some good news to share!

Baisimu hasn't been featured in any treasuries before, but today i received 2 conversations informing me that I'm in their treasuries! Awesome!

I am completely in love with both! First one has got a great color scheme, that gives off a melancholic yet peaceful vibe. And the second one has got such a cute theme, because I absolutely love writing and receiving letters!

Please visit the links and say some nice comments if you like them too!

Natalya and Efrat, thanks for making my day :)


  1. Jean, I'm so happy that you like the Treasury! Your shop is really beautiful and I'll be happy to include more of your items in my future collections. :)

  2. Congrats!! This is great!
    I remember the first time my shop was featured. I couldn't breath... :)
    May it be your very first and a great start for more!!

    p.s. the great treasury is spectacular and your Chinese seal is stunning!!

  3. congrats love them both! the first one made an awsome front page i saw it there! ^_~ best wishes!