30 June 2010

Happy wednesday!

I've gotten 25 likes on facebook few days back but there's a bug in facebook which wouldn't allow me to change the URL, but now it's been fixed and I finally have my own page! Yayy!

I think facebook is truly the easiest way to let people know about your latest updates. You could list a new item on etsy and it gets shown for only a few seconds, or blog about something that is very interesting but have no one to read about it. But if you post that on facebook, and you have about 816916382 followers, and imagine there are at least 10% who caught it on their newsfeed, then you'll get 8169163 views!

But i only have 29 people liking me on facebook so far, and 10% of it makes a grand total of 2.9 :(

Ok that's all about the facebook page thingy.

It's a very happy wednesday because I completed an alchemy order for a nice and friendly and patient customer today!

This is the first seal that required such detailed and intricate carving, that I had to be extra careful with it! The previous seals I made had only 1 or 2, maximum 3 characters on them. But this one has 4, and in 篆书 style! which definitely made it more challenging.

But one of the most important things i learnt from carving, would be that it doesn't have to be perfect. When i first started learning how to carve i was extremely careful! and at the end of it when my teacher saw it, he took it from me, deliberately carved out of line, and knocked off the corners of the stone!

The final look of the seal was so much better than when I tried to keep everything perfect.



  1. Ha, ha! Your teacher is funny! But it looks great so I'm glad he did it!

  2. eeniemoni, thank you!

    carone, yes he is! but he's really talented too. he could chinese painting on top of calligraphy and carving!