13 June 2010

I love sunday mornings

Made my first sale on etsy today! and it is a chinese seal with the word 'love' carved onto it. :) I can't wait for it to reach the buyer. The etsy community is so much fun! You get to post on forum, discuss about each other's shops and receive constructive comments about your own. Best of all you get to list your handmade items and sell them!

This blogshop will still be around though! Because some items are not worth it to list on etsy (there's a listing fee), so please do stick around! Especially during this month coz we're having a 50% storewide sale only for the items in www.baisimu.blogspot.com!

Went down to bras pasar today with D to source for materials at Art friend, because i'm experimenting with tote bags these days :) and we stopped by this little shop + cafe at the 3rd story. Cat Socrates. It sells books, note pads, photographs made into postcards, and so many other stuffs that you'll fall in love with! and they had a Polaroid exhibition today!

Oh by the way, since the main selling website will be over at www.baisimu.etsy.com, I've decided to turn this into a personal blog where I'll blog about my handicrafts. Like when I make my first sale, when I've successfully completed the very first tote bag which is good enough to be listed, etc etc... The items for sale which have originally been here will stay, so yes you can shop at this little blogshop! But just bear in mind that for new items and handicrafts of greater variety, you'll have to look over at Etsy :)

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