18 December 2006


Hilo :)

Let me begin by re-introducing this blogshop. Tanoshi。白丝木 was an online handmade accessories store selling earrings, pendants, bagcharms, bracelets, handphone charms, pouches, and many others. It went on for about a year and then I realised that are too many categories for me to handle and most accessories like bracelets and bagcharms are quite complicated to make, for me that is. But since I enjoy simple beading and crocheting, I've decided to convert this into a blogshop that focuses on handphone accessories. So I probably won't be making a lot of earrings and bracelets etc from now on. I might, occasionally, make them though and since I've decided that they'll be a minority they shall be classified under 'Others' :)

Maybe I shall talk about the aim of Baisimu here as well. I don't usually go into such stuffs because I do things simply because it makes me happy. It's just like why i started this blogshop - i just felt like it, there wasn't a reason. In fact, I can't even remember how I started beading (I can imagine my friends going "as usual", haha). But I hope that while I enjoy the process of making them, this blog will bring joy into peoples' lives through the simple creations at the same time. People around me like my friends or families, people who happen to come across this blog, people who enjoy beading or crocheting...

Ok this is really quite a wordy entry for a picture blog. Actually I'm writing all these for my own reading pleasure, but if you managed to get this far, I'd like to thank you for your patience :)

Having said that, I hope you'll enjoy shopping at Baisimu whether it's for yourself or for your loved ones :D

Oh and by the way, I've named this blogshop 白丝木 because it forms the old chinese word '乐' , which means happiness. :)



I would also like to make use of this post to thank all my friends who have helped me in a way or another. Special Thanks to Lipin (who taught me a great deal in setting up a blogshop and publicising it) Ling (who contributes to some of the accessory collection in Tanoshi.Baisimu) - (check out her beautiful site!) Huiyu (who taught me all the html codes) My two sisters (who helped me in more ways than one - Typing out terms and conditions, providing me with some of the beads, setting up stalls with me during flea markets, etc etc).

Smiles, Jean.

Here are the past layouts of tanoshi.baisimu! :)

Tanoshi。白丝木, since December 10, 2006

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