02 March 2016

Ink It Up ink pad review

Brand: Ink It Up
Where: Art Friend 
Price: Below $3
Size: 4 x 7cm
Good for: Stamping on paper and fabric in large quantity  
Properties: Pigment ink, raised surface (which means you can use it with stamps of any size), fade resistant, non-toxic and acid-free.

I have quite a large collection for this brand but for the sake of this review I will narrow the colour options down to my 2 favourites - Walnut and Cranberry. You can find the colour name on the underside.

The ink does leave clear and defined impressions, which makes it suitable for name cards and return address labels. 

Unfortunately when the surface area of the stamp is large, the image can get a little bit patchy, a problem you wouldn't get with VersaCraft.

Here's a picture to show you what I mean. Left is stamped with VersaCraft and right with Ink it up. Click to enlarge for a closer look.
Displaying photo.JPG

When I first started selling on Etsy, Ink It Up was the brand I used on all my canvas pouches. The impression is clear and after applying a layer of acrylic coating, it can last for very long!

Check out their silver colour ink pad, it looks good on both white and black backgrounds!

But like all glittery ink pads, the shiny particles come off easily no-matter how long it is left aside to set. Personally it's not a big deal for me, as long as it looks pretty!

If you're looking to stamp on paper and fabric in large quantiy, and don't mind the slight patchy effect, Ink It Up is a fairly affordable choice that comes in a wide range of colours for you to choose from. 

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Happy stamping!

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