01 March 2016

PrettyColor ink pad review

Brand: PrettyColor
Where: Most Popular book stores
Price: $3.90
Size: 4.5 x 7.5cm
Good for: Stamping on paper in large quantity  
Properties: Pigment ink, raised surface (which means you can use it with stamps of any size), washable, non-toxic.

This brand does come in a lot of pretty colours! The one I bought is a cross between mint and blue, and unfortunately the casing does not have the colour name. It has #54 written on it though, probably the colour code.

I have to say the inking quality exceeded my expectations for this price. It is clear and defined on white paper, not as good as VersaCraft, but pretty decent in my opinion.

Not quite suitable on the brown craft paper bags though, perhaps a darker colour would work better.

Another color I bought was Silver (code number #48), and it goes surprisingly well with brown craft paper bags as seen below.

And here's a picture of the silver ink used on both brown and white backgrounds.

There are a few shortcomings though. If you purchase a glittery colour, below is what happens. The picture was taken after quite some time, which meant the ink was given time to dry and set.

And after one day, mint becomes clear and silver becomes smudged. 

Fortunately that seems to only be a problem for the Silver ink pad. The mint and colour mix (Colour code #505) as seen below works perfectly alright. 

For its price, and how readily available they are in Singapore Popular bookstores, I would say this ink pad is a good choice if you're looking to stamp on paper in large quantity, such as on name cards or wedding invites envelopes. But before you go on a stamping marathon, I would advise you to test it and let it set for a night. 

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Happy stamping!