10 March 2016

Color Stamp Pad from Daiso

Brand: Daiso 
Where: Daiso
Price: $2
Size: 4 x 7cm
Good for: Stamping on paper in large quantity  
Properties: Raised surface (which means you can use it with stamps of any size)

There are several colours available for this house brand, but I picked pink because the rest were too bright for my liking. I was actually looking for colours like black and brown but they only have the colourful ones!

The picture might not show clearly but it's actually pretty nice on white, and you can definitely use it to stamp name cards and wedding stamps on white background.

And the best part about this? It looks awesome on dark coloured papers! The impression is clear and defined, and creates a striking contrast on black. I've got several customers asking me what brand to use on black background and it really depends on the colour and type of effect you're going for. If you're looking for pastel on black, then Daiso is probably the place to go.

I really like this brand because (1) it's cheap (2) it inks very easily which means you only need to tap the stamp on it a few times, and (3) the effect exceeded my expectations for a $2 ink pad. The only downside is probably the colour options. However, if you're looking for colours like bright yellow and orange, then you will probably end up spending a lot of money in Daiso. 

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Happy stamping!

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