22 August 2016

Touchwood @ GUI

So this year, I started volunteering at a place called Ground Up Initiative (GUI), and it was love at first sight.

Residing in a tranquil corner of the old bottle tree park, GUI has everything I wanted. A farm for organic food, a rustic outdoor kitchen with an alfresco dining experience, and best of all... a workshop for all the wood work!

I was very fortunate to have found what I wanted the moment I decided to embark on a volunteering journey. Having used to be a Design and Technology (D&T) student, I have always loved wood work, but couldn't continue after leaving secondary school due to the lack of space and tools.

But Touchwood @GUI made it possible to relive those days! Oh gosh just look at that wall of wood working tools.

Check this out, everything was built by hand!
Awesome kampung lunch

Plates are washed the kampung way too!
It is so much fun to be working in a place like this, and there's a warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from being part of this welcoming community spearheaded by Khin Boon and Ben, the people in charge of this rustic and lovely work space. It's almost as if I went back in time to the kampung days (oh and by the way, GUI calls the place kampung kampus!) when people would work together to make things happen for no other reason than to create a better environment. 

And when we're tired of working, someone (usually this chatty chap Zhen Ling and his good friend Benji) will shout for everyone to take a break, and we'll all sit around a long wooden table to have some freshly brewed Kopi and afternoon snacks. 

And what work do we do around there? It really depends on what the place needs. Sometimes it's routine work like sanding the recycled wood in preparation of upcoming workshops, sometimes it's creating prototypes for a corporate that's visiting. 

Check out the toy cars I made for an event to showcase our workshops!
And the toys I painted!
and the wood I sanded which had me covered in sawdust!
And the chalkboard I designed!

Coming up next would be a rubber stamp workshop I'll be conducting at the place. Details below if you're interested!

Rubber Stamp Carving Workshop

Learn the basics of stamp carving in this workshop and you get to bring home your very own custom name stamps. This workshop is made for complete beginners as we take you through the steps of designing, carving, mounting and stamping! All materials are provided.

Date of workshop: 27 Aug SAT
Time: 2- 4pm (2h)
Course Fee: $45
Venue: 91, Lorong Chencharu, S769201
Suitable for: Anyone 12 and above

And if you think you might be interested in the other wood working workshops, please sign up for them over here. We welcome everyone, whether as a workshop participant or a volunteer!

See ya!

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