01 November 2010

Monday is great...

Because I've got no school! So the morning was spent at the market with gm, and a little shopping by myself. I bought a set of mini postcards, and on the way home I thought of a few ideas to do up the wall of my workspace! It was really quite random.

The pictures are lovely! I want to have a cup of coffee right away, out in the open under the morning sun, on a squarish little wooden table. And watch the people on the streets make their way to work.

And so this is how the wall of my work space now looks like. I made it by pasting little wooden cuboids on the wall using removable tapes, and impressed the "handmade" sign on them in brown ink. Then I used jute twine to connect the cuboids, and it is completed with the little postcards and wooden tags!

Ok I know the second row is a little ugly. It has a receipt from the post office and a to-do list. I thought since it's at my workspace I might as well make it useful!

Now i'm too busy admiring it to do work. :) Maybe it's coffee time!

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