19 June 2010

I know this is really random, but i found this picture in my camera and decided that i shall blog about my bag! I love its simple design and the material it's made out of - canvas! It's also the reason why most of my sewn products are made of out canvas. I like that it is natural and raw.

Quite some time ago i bought that bag (its URL, in another colour) from a pretty little shop in taibei, and walking up the stairs you get to rest and have a cup of coffee:

It doesn't have a menu, everything's written on that blackboard there. And it's really homely over there with all the books lying around. Plus they have little plants everywhere! with wooden tables and sunlight streaming in through the glass window.

If I could run a cafe someday I imagine it would look like that.

Website: Booday
Address: No.18-1, Lane 25, Nanjing W. Rd., Taipei City 103, Taiwan.

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