31 May 2017

StazOn ink pad review

Brand: Ink It Up
Where: PaperMarket, craft shops, online platforms
Price: About $10
Size: 4.5 x 7.5cm
Good for: Stamping on plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, laminated paper, coated paper and leather  
Properties: Raised surface (which means you can use it with stamps of any size), fast-drying solvent ink

I never had the need to stamp on plastic, which explains why I took so long to do this review. There were many colors to choose from and I decided to go with Hydrangea Blue and Teal Blue! Turns out on materials other that paper, they weren't much of a difference!

This is how they look on paper. Not fantastic. VersaColor is much better I would say.

But oh well, it is stated on the back that this is meant for plastic, glass and metal. So let's give it a shot.

When I first tried stamping on plastic, I was a little skeptical. The effect isn't impressive and the normal black one seems to look exactly like the StazOn blue ink!

Boy was I wrong. Check out the video to see how the ink stays after I tried wiping them off. Just to be sure the ink has time to dry I left it aside for about 5 minutes before doing this. 

Check it out.

Isn't it amazing? Now you can use your logo and address stamps on your plastic/ metal packaging and poly mailers!

How about a custom stamp to go with this? Check out my handmade stamps in my online shop.

Happy stamping!

26 May 2017

Something exciting is brewing!

It's finally here - a stone seal carving workshop!

Since last year I've started conducting rubber stamp carving workshops, and on and off I've been getting inquiries on whether there'll be one for stone seal carving. After much consideration and planning, I've decided to hold one at Itchy Fingers!

For this basic workshop, I'll be introducing the tools and materials, as well as all the necessary steps to complete a stone seal from start to end. You'll take home 2 hand carved stone seals (entirely carved by you!), a pouch for them as well as a red ink pad.

I'll also be sharing with you the evolution of Chinese characters so should you decide to carve your name in the ancient seal script, you'll have a better understanding of its history and significance! 

Come join me on one of these saturday afternoons! It only takes one 2-hour session to pick up the basics.

10 June, 2-4pm
24 June, 10am-12pm

If you've been wanting to pick up an interesting traditional skill, or would like to find out how your name was like 2000 years ago, or simply looking for some crafting activity, please do come down and join us! 

Click on this link to register, see ya!

20 March 2017

My first post of 2017...

is a very, very exciting one!

Check this out!

Yes that's Yoga Lin and yes he's holding on to the stamps I made!

A huge thank you to UFM100.3 for getting me to make these stamps! It's such a privilege and seeing him hold on to them makes me so, so happy!

I also uploaded the carving process onto YouTube, check it out in the last video below, but before you get there, here's one of my favourite songs by him.