20 March 2017

My first post of 2017...

is a very, very exciting one!

Check this out!

Yes that's Yoga Lin and yes he's holding on to the stamps I made!

A huge thank you to UFM100.3 for getting me to make these stamps! It's such a privilege and seeing him hold on to them makes me so, so happy!

I also uploaded the carving process onto YouTube, check it out in the last video below, but before you get there, here's one of my favourite songs by him.

12 December 2016

Make your own stamps this Christmas!

New stamp making tutorial up! View the whole process here:

Feel free to save the image below and use them as a stamp making template! Please note that these designs are only for personal use. Resale or redistribution of images and products made from these designs are not allowed. You can, however, use them to impress your friends and relatives this holiday season!

Alternatively, you can skip all the trouble and purchase the stamps from here:

Happy carving!

13 November 2016

OMG, I went on UFM100.3!

Well, more specifically, I went on UFM 100.3's facebook page, but that's still a feat right?

To be honest, I was a little bit apprehensive when I was first invited. The local radio station was looking to start a series of live videos featuring Singaporeans with interesting pastimes, and they found me! Fortunately, the adventurous trait of a Sagittarius took-over (yes I read about horoscopes, don't judge!) and I got more excited than worried about the filming.

But I've got a confession to make.

Despite my online shop, I actually consider carving a hobby instead of a profession. I knew the crafting processes and could execute them, but I have no idea what was considered the "proper" method or names or tools and whatnot. So I went online to research the proper terms and was overwhelmed by all the different techniques for carving! It was a jaw-dropping moment for me because I've always been doing what felt right. Maybe it's time to go to the library and deepen my understanding for the craft.

All in all, it was a fun and very humbling experience and I'm incredibly encouraged by all the kind comments left for me! It was also very heartwarming to see my family tidying up the house even though I told them the filming was going to be in my room, not to mention knowing that they were all waiting by their laptops to give me the thumbs up.

If you watched the video, I hope you enjoyed it! Comments and feedback are more than welcome so I can do a better job next time round. There'll be more to come and I'll try to do a giveaway for every live broadcast. So stay tuned and follow me on facebook or instagram for updates on the broadcast schedule!

If you missed the live broadcast - here it is! It's a chinese radio station so the conversations are in mandarin. If you don't speak Chinese and would prefer a quick video on the stamp making process, feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel! Here's the first video I made on the process of rubber stamp carving, enjoy!